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Isanti Spirits Awards Title Image

The typical awards page will list the many competitions and medals a distillery has earned. This is not that kind of page. At Isanti Spirits, we are interested in only ONE type of award, your loyalty and interest. Taking into account the multitude of spirits choices, your support and enjoyment of Isanti Spirits are awards to us.

Isanti Spirits Bronze Award

Bronze Medal: When you take the chance to buy our product for the first time or visit us to taste a sample. We know how hard it is take a chance on something new. The fact you did is worthy of note.

Punk Rock Bronze: You took the chance and came to our show.

Isanti Spirits Silver Award

Silver Medal: Not only did you try Sunken Bobber Bourbon, Isanti Rye Whiskey, or Tilted Cedars Gin, but chose to take one of our spirits home with you. We can't thank you enough for the chance to win you over.

Punk Rock Silver: You bought or downloaded the CD and we can find you singing along.

Isanti Spirits Gold Award

Gold Medal: We feel we have reached the gold medal standard when you share Isanti Spirits with a friend, give it as a gift, recommend it when asked if you've tasted anything good, or serve it to your guests. If our spirits achieved this level of appreciation from you it's as good as gold.

Punk Rock Gold: You tell your friends about this great band you have to hear, and maybe you plan a road trip to see the show.

Isanti Spirits Platinum Award

Platinum Medal: It's simple: you make Isanti Spirits your personal favorite. Your loyalty and appreciation of all we try to accomplish can't be understated. This is the award we feel the most strongly about working to receive. If you fit this definition, you rock! Thank you from all of us at Isanti Spirits for taking the chance, sharing with friends, and making us your own.

Punk Rock Platinum: We are the band you go to see. You wear our t-shirt, and play our music in the car or on whatever device you plug into your head.